Aveo Sends Top Team to Flagler Facility for Production Transition Training

Next week in Palm Coast some of Aveo Engineering’s top European personnel will be visiting and training the Aveo Florida staff for the transition of several manufacturing programs.  This team includes the VP of Electronics, the VP of Manufacturing, and the Chief Engineer.  As time permits they will also conduct interviews of new candidates for positions.

Call for Contractors

Aveo is going to begin construction of its new hangar/office facility at the Flagler County Airport, Phase 1 of a 2 Phase project which ends in the production of the Aveo Headquarters Engineering & Logistics Center.

All interested contractors are invited to contact Christian Gather (gather@aveoengineering.com) to present their capabilities and to submit bids for the following work:

1.  Site work

2. Slab Foundation

3. Electrical

4. Plumbing & Waste

5.  Steel Building Erection

6.  Interior & Drywall

7.  Asphalting