First Aveo Florida USA-Assembled Vans ZipTips Set Completed & Shipped to South Africa



Yes, the incredible Aveo ZipTips™ for Vans and F-1 Rockets are now a production item for Aveo Engineering in Florida.  These have shipped now to Robin Coss Aviation in South Africa, a Vans professional build and completion center, destined for

Mr. De Villiers Visser’s RV-8!!!!!!

Unique to Aveo is the amazing design that incorporates Nav- Position-Strobe-Taxi-Landing-WigWag into one wingtip module with easy access plate from below.

IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1944


Five more domestic USA orders will go out in the next two weeks and then Aveo Florida will begin working through its large backlog of orders on the waiting list, and now that production is up and running smoothly with trained personnel, ZipTips™ delivery lead times will drop dramatically.

The first Aveo ZipTip™ ever installed was on Tony Clinton’s F-1 Rocket, but this was produced in our European factory.


IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1255  IMG_1250 IMG_1255IMG_1247

Aveo Florida Completes Forces Canada Stryker Vehicle Headlight Upgrade Contract

Hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces Stryker® armored vehicles have brand new Aveo MadMaxx™ LED headlight upgrades after the supply contract of replacements for the factory standard lights was completed this week from Aveo Florida.  After 18 months of severe environmental and operational testing in the harsh Northern Territories, Aveo’s unmatched technology and performance was selected to upgrade the entire force.

Here you see the Aveo MadMaxx on the left and the existing factory light of the Stryker on the right.  Now the vehicles do not have headlights failing routinely, but rather have a 40,000 hour lifetime and the proper white light temperature for crisper night vision by the driver.


and a closeup in military spec black color:


Aveo Engineering’s Florida Subsidiary is a final assembler of defense vehicle lights, and here are some of the products of the Aveo MadMaxx™ lineup:


Aveo Florida will be recruiting electronics assembler personnel shortly for the product line expansion.

Interesting Spin from a Desperate-for-Readership Newspaper Editor

I guess to be an editor in the American media today means you have license to create whatever spin you wish, factual or not.  There is surely no reason to check the facts before you write, but that does not sell newspapers for sure.

I read with amusement Mr. London’s assessment of the Aveo Engineering project at Flagler Airport, and we might as well set the record straight because Mr. London is either too wrapped up in his own world or he just has no time to check the facts and understand them.

Aveo is a foreign investor from Europe, and is creating a facility and operational base in the USA for manufacturing and engineering which is what the Florida economy needs more than another tourist destination and low-paying service industry jobs.  We selected Flagler County despite having many offers from other airports and cities around the country that had turn-key buildings and huge incentives available.  Flagler offered nothing of the sort but the location was good for us with many of our major customers in the region, and a work force that was readily available. The proposed development plan presented to us by the Airport Manager made the investment of our time and money seem like it would turn out well.  We pay our own way, we have no debt and we do not look for handouts.

Mr. London failed to ask us about what he writes about, including a disgruntled architect who thought he could win the lottery by quoting $140,000 more than the lowest bidder for our project work, but I guess that fact is not important.  We have built a lot of buildings here in Europe and the entire world knows that building in Europe is far more expensive than in the USA so maybe this architect needs to take a trip outside of his little world.  In a previous post in this blog site you all have been shown the drawings as submitted to the County, and they are not from the architect Mr. London has quoted, and so he is about 1.5 years behind the times.  I suppose we are to give contract work to anyone who quotes us, no matter the price???   Here below in the photo are the buildings erected by Aveo privately at one of its three headquarters locations here in Europe, does it look like we don’t know how to put up a simple hangar?  How many hangars has this architect done – ANSWER = NONE.  Did the County hire this architect to do its recent T-Hangars development project at the Flagler Airport – ANSWER = No     How many buildings has Mr. London erected in his evidently broad knowledge of the subject?  Answer please sir?


Regarding renting space, yes Aveo rented a warehouse at the very first  stage to ship in things that cannot be stored in an office building, for the beginning work of the project.  Yes we also rented an office in an office building that turned out to be difficult to work in due to the hallways being full of waiting medical patients and too much noise, but we spent our full lease time there plus some per the contract and Mr. London fails to mention that the same management group we rented from there moved us onwards to the new office suites.  This ideal office suite located in West Point Plaza for a permanent administration address so we can proceed with FAA certification, as well as using a hangar on Old Moody Blvd for immediate term aircraft project work. Mr. London also failed to realize or understand that Aveo makes products for the Defense Industry, more specifically the war on terror and has to conform with ITAR Regulations and this means security and locked access etc, so having to worry about doors locked all the time with the public milling about in the hall in front was a very large problem.  Again, we took these offices for reasons other than just being behind schedule on our project at the airport airside, we have customers in the Marine industry, the boating industry and defense that need product and Aveo is presently doing that, including exports to Brazil and Canada and the Caribbean etc.  I fail to see how this has any negative impact as it provides rental income to landlords while we continue to work on our airport project and it allows us to hire people and begin operations at least.

All of this has economic impact in the County, and because we liked the location so much I bought a condominium to bring my family from Europe to Flagler during the summertime, so I also pay local taxes as a homeowner.

Regarding the airport managers erroneous comment that Aveo requires STCs to install our lights on airplanes once again he should stick to whatever area it is that he knows.  Aveo requires FAA Production Organization Approval to be able to manufacture parts that are delivered with an FAA Airworthiness Certificate Form 8130.  STCs are for specific complex modifications to existing aircraft.  There are more than 27,000 aircraft in the USA alone that do not need STCs to install our lights, and such examples exist right under his nose, as here is a group of pictures of two planes that have Aveo light installs right there at the Moody Blvd hangar without any involvement of the FAA…..

IMG_1064 R86nite2 IMG_1093 IMG_1059IMG_1064IMG_1059I guess we have got a collection of people who think they know everything and advertise that fact by opening their mouths before checking out what they are saying is true.  I hear there are openings at the National Enquirer that they might be perfectly suited.

What everyone seems to miss is the fact that the back side of the airport project is being developed by government monies, some of which we have been told were triggered by our agreeing to our project.  That funding evidently took longer to get than thought and anyone with a pair of eyes can drive by Belle Terre and see the status of the access road which leads to our building site.  Maybe the genius Mr. London can figure out how we are supposed to build there, maybe by using the Army Corps of Engineers?  To save you all some gasoline, here is a photo of the airport industrial park access road a few days ago…

photo 1

Regarding the FAA solar panel study, the airport manager seems to have a convenient memory and once again Mr. London did not bother to check facts. The initial submission was based upon information  the airport manager provided including a wrong elevation for the calculations and also the building site was moved back by the airport manager because of new proposed taxiway changing the coordinates, (he decided to put that taxiway in after our project drawings were already completed the first time) requiring an entirely new set of calculations and analysis, not to mention once again having to pay the civil engineers for new drawings. Sorry Mr. London, but facts are just facts.  It is most interesting that the reflectivity of the surrounding grass at the airport and the seaplane lake at the end of the runway both are higher glare dangers than the solar panels, but the airport manager did not have to do any studies for the FAA of those.

It is interesting that an investor who asks for nothing, receives nothing and creates jobs and spends money in the County and hires professionals in the County is referred to in such a negative light, and it makes us wonder if we picked the wrong location after all.  The County leadership team and the people of Flagler have been welcoming and most helpful in our project, despite all the delays we have persevered and spent the money required to get to this point, and we never expected not to hit speed bumps along the way, but Mr. London has not ever created a job in his life evidently or built anything, so I doubt he understands much of what he is writing about.

In the meantime, Aveo is not able to manufacture FAA certified products in Flagler, and it relies on its European production and design certified headquarters to supply such product similar to a distributor, so at present Aveo has some busy salespeople now working the USA operation, as well as designers and accountants and logistics positions that will move to the final facility when it gets completed.  I am sure none of these people are dissatisfied with their jobs and opportunity at Aveo, and the customers of Aveo in the USA have an in-country location to get product from, ask technical support questions or administer warranty issues etc. which is the main objective of having a subsidiary located in a major market anyway.

We stay the course, and Helga van Eckert and Craig Coffey’s team are building a great future for the County at that airport and we will be a fundamental part of it with our own money and work whether the Daytona newspaper wants us or not.  Oh that’s right, they are based in Volusia County, no wonder.

Aveo Engineering Florida Opens New Palm Coast Administration & Certification Office

Aveo has leased spaces at West Pointe Professional Plaza to meet the requirements of a secure and controlled environment for Federal ITAR Compliance of the Aveo Defense Aircraft products and for the certification of a Production Organization under the FAA regulations.  The new office suites are located at 4863 Palm Coast Parkway, Unit #5 and shortly a second unit for secure storage and distribution activities.

These offices will be permanent for the next two years as a minimum while construction continues at the Airport location due to the delays of the completion of the new access road to our hangar construction site as part of the Flagler Executive Airport master construction program underway.


A certification and quality team from Aveo Engineering headquarters at Pribram Airport, Czech Republic will be visiting during May to implement the EASA Approved Production Organization and Quality system and proceed with FAA certification efforts.

Anyone looking for a position at Aveo Engineering that has experience in AS 9100 Aerospace Quality, FAA PMA, and any skills in electronics assembly are urged to send their resumes to