Think Carefully When You Vote

When you vote in this election, think carefully about the tough economic years that are now fading into the rear view mirror with the new growth in our GDP and employment gains that continue to climb. This did not happen by chance, it happened because of the vision and policies implemented by Gov Scott, and your elected officials at the state and local level. The County Commissioners in Flagler are responsible for the entrance of new investors and businesses from outside the State and Country which provide a significant economic multiplier effect on the local micro-economy of Flagler County and beyond. More jobs, means more income to families, a spreading of the tax base, and the creation of more demand for goods and services in the local area.

It is very easy to succumb to misleading political ads that bombard us during election times, but it is not hard to separate the facts from the fiction or re-spinning of past politician’s policies.

America and Flagler County cannot afford to move backwards with policies that failed and people who failed to make the hard choices when they had their chance at leadership. Leadership means making tough and unpopular choices and keeping a steady course. The incumbents in this election have earned and deserve your support to keep their forward momentum and sound policies in place that are now reaping dividends in a broad swath across the economy.

We would not have invested and continue to relocate more activities to Flagler County from outside the USA without our confidence in and appreciation for the work of these dedicated Commissioners and the Governor himself.