Television Shoot for USA Verizon Communications Company at Aveo Hangar Complex outside Prague

The last few days have seen our tarmac tied up with an American film crew shooting on location at Aveo’s uniquely American design hangars.  They even got an American Freightliner truck in for the action scenery, even though it is illegal on European roads due to its length!

Aveo hangars were selected for this American scenery filming on the theme of communications services for humanitarian relief and FEMA type activities.  Here are some shots along with my family taking in the activities with the production assistant.  I guess Roy Sieger, Joe Pozzouli and their erstwhile friend Mr. London from the Daytona News Journal (the three stooges in our book) know more about building hangars than Aveo, and I guess we do it so well that Verizon  communications company in the USA selected our hangar complex over all others in the world for this corporate activity.  At least we are smart enough not to build on swamp land.

IMG_2188 IMG_2180 IMG_2185 IMG_2181 IMG_2184-2

The Three Stooges like to shoot their mouths off as if they are experts, yet you are looking at $2 million in hangars that are part of a $20 million airport complex of taxiways, roads, infrastructure and hangars, ALL WITH NO DEBT!   Yet they think the cost of one hangar at Flagler is the issue, maybe they should go back to school and find out what the meaning of Ready-To-Build site is before they offer it or talk about it.

Yes, I am calling you guys out, once again.  You actually have to defend yourself when you make false statements fellows.  So, tell me, how many hangars have you guys personally built and paid for?  Yup, thought so.

First Aveo Florida USA-Assembled Vans ZipTips Set Completed & Shipped to South Africa



Yes, the incredible Aveo ZipTips™ for Vans and F-1 Rockets are now a production item for Aveo Engineering in Florida.  These have shipped now to Robin Coss Aviation in South Africa, a Vans professional build and completion center, destined for

Mr. De Villiers Visser’s RV-8!!!!!!

Unique to Aveo is the amazing design that incorporates Nav- Position-Strobe-Taxi-Landing-WigWag into one wingtip module with easy access plate from below.

IMG_1941 IMG_1942 IMG_1944


Five more domestic USA orders will go out in the next two weeks and then Aveo Florida will begin working through its large backlog of orders on the waiting list, and now that production is up and running smoothly with trained personnel, ZipTips™ delivery lead times will drop dramatically.

The first Aveo ZipTip™ ever installed was on Tony Clinton’s F-1 Rocket, but this was produced in our European factory.


IMG_1247 IMG_1248 IMG_1255  IMG_1250 IMG_1255IMG_1247

Aveo Florida Completes Forces Canada Stryker Vehicle Headlight Upgrade Contract

Hundreds of Canadian Armed Forces Stryker® armored vehicles have brand new Aveo MadMaxx™ LED headlight upgrades after the supply contract of replacements for the factory standard lights was completed this week from Aveo Florida.  After 18 months of severe environmental and operational testing in the harsh Northern Territories, Aveo’s unmatched technology and performance was selected to upgrade the entire force.

Here you see the Aveo MadMaxx on the left and the existing factory light of the Stryker on the right.  Now the vehicles do not have headlights failing routinely, but rather have a 40,000 hour lifetime and the proper white light temperature for crisper night vision by the driver.


and a closeup in military spec black color:


Aveo Engineering’s Florida Subsidiary is a final assembler of defense vehicle lights, and here are some of the products of the Aveo MadMaxx™ lineup:


Aveo Florida will be recruiting electronics assembler personnel shortly for the product line expansion.